When I was a girl, there weren’t a lot of options as far as Bibles were concerned. And, there certainly wasn’t one dedicated just to girls. What I wouldn’t have given to have the Young Women of Faith Bible–a perfect Bible for girls who are beyond “children’s Bibles,” but aren’t quite ready for a teen or heavy-duty study Bible. I’d say this one would be great for ages 8-12. There are a ton of features in the layout of this NIV Bible, but one of the best aspects is that the features aren’t every 30 pages. I remember having a “student Bible” that had some notes and devotionals, but they didn’t appear very often. The Young Women of Faith Bible has something fun on almost every page. This keeps things interesting and keeps the reader’s attention, especially through passages that may be difficult or “dry.” Let me list some of the fun things in this Bible:

  1. Sidebars (pink sections on the edge of the page) provide historical and cultural information pertaining to the stories. 
  2. Summaries are on the first page at the beginning of each book (Genesis, Exodus, etc.). They explain who wrote the book, the purpose of the book, important people, when and where the events took place, and more. 
  3. Weekly Bible studies/devotionals that will take you through the entire year.


4.   Memory verses are suggested throughout.     


5.   Journal spaces provide room to bring scripture down to a personal level, asking questions regarding a particular passage.   


My only criticism of this Bible is that I’m not sure the cover and binding will wear well over time. However, using a Bible cover/case would solve this problem. Or you can purchase this beautiful leather-bound version.

I would definitely recommend this well-organized, fun and attractive presentation of the Bible to preteen girls, who are ready to study beyond the simplified Bible stories they have learned in Sunday School. The Young Women of Faith Bible will help them dig deeper and encourage personal growth in their personal relationship with God.   

Disclosure: ZonderKidz provided me with a free copy of this book for reviewing purposes. My opinions are my own, and I only share about products that I believe are of interest to my readers.     

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