Here’s an easy (and healthy) snack that reminds us of the Palm of Deborah (where Deborah held court and helped people solve their problems. To view step-by-step instructions, click on the first picture below to open the gallery.  

One thing we learned about Deborah is that God spoke to her and that she listened. How do you know God’s voice? Well, how do you know your mom’s voice or your best friend’s voice? You know it when you know them really well. That’s why we need to get know God. We can do that by reading our Bible, listening to Christian music (listening to songs filled with truth instead of just fluff), praying and spending time with Him.  To… Read more »

This song makes me think of Deborah and Jael. Although God was on their side, it still took courage to step forward and do what the world said was impossible or crazy! [pullquote align=”full” cite=”-Brave, Moriah Peters” link=”” color=”#99cccc” class=”” size=”16″]“I know, I know,  I’m no superwoman, but the impossible is possible, with YOU. . . .You make me BRAVE!” [/pullquote] Deborah and Jael  bravely lived their lives obedient to what God called them to do–even when the odds were completely… Read more »

image source When we left off of Deborah’s story, Sisera (the commander of the enemy army) had fled the battle scene.  Read these verses and then come back so we can talk about the dramatic conclusion of this story. Judges 4:16-23, Judges 5:24-27 ———————– Jael was married to Heber the Kenite, and the Kenites were tent-dwellers. That means that they moved around and set up their tents in different locations. They would need to be at peace with people in order to… Read more »

Art by Yvonne Gilbert Deborah is (I think) my very favorite woman of the Bible. She was wise, courageous and a strong leader who listened to God. The Bible calls her a prophet, which means she listened to what God told her and then shared it with God’s people. But she was more than just a spiritual leader. She also held political, judicial and military leadership positions.  Deborah’s story is in the book of Judges. During this period of history, the… Read more »