These muffins are delicious, especially warm from the oven. Make a big batch and freeze some to reheat for breakfast or a snack. FOR VESSELS, DO NOT ADD THE NUTS!!!!! Teacher Leslie tested the recipe and suggests adding ½ teaspoon of salt. Click here for the recipe.       Image Source

image source In honor of Eve, here’s a delicious applesauce cake recipe. Many of you girls have been asking for this ever since Teacher Meghan baked it for us. So here you go! Click here for the recipe.

Now, I know some of you may be thinking, “That Eve! She really screwed things up for all of us by eating that apple.” But the truth of the matter is that God gave Adam and Eve “free will.” That means they can choose to love and obey God, or not. He will never make us. I wonder …  if Eve hadn’t eaten that fruit, how long it would have been before some else did.  Romans 3:23 reminds us that  “for all have… Read more »

Many you may already know the story of Eve as told in Genesis. But I encourage you to reread this story before we begin to look at Eve as God’s vessel. So take a minute and read through Genesis 2:15 to 3:24. Then, meet me back here. No, seriously. Go and read it before you move on to the next paragraph. So there you have it. The first woman in all of creation. Now let’s look at Eve as God’s… Read more »