Make your own custom VESSELS water bottle. Many of you made one of these the night we studied the Samaritan Woman, but several who missed have asked how to get one. Well, you can’t “get one,” but you can “make one.” CLICK HERE for the full, step-by-step tutorial. And here is a pretty label, reminding us of how God is our “living water.” To print, click on the above label to open it in a new window. Then, right-click and select… Read more »

Have you ever felt like God can’t use you for his amazing purposes because you are broken? Maybe there have been hurtful things done to you that have cause cracks and scars in your life. Maybe you are the person doing the hurtful things that damage others. What if there are cracks in your vessel because of bad choices you have made or because of situations others have put you in?  The Woman at the Well knows just how you feel. Read her… Read more »