Brandon Heath’s song “Give Me Your Eyes,” reminds us that we need to look beyond our own situations so that we have God’s “love for humanity,” “arms for the brokenhearted,” and a “heart for the ones forgotten.”  Dorcas had the “eyes of God” when she looked at the widows on the banks of Joppa. But she didn’t stop at just “seeing.” She showed God’s love to the widows through action. She used not only her wealth, but her skill as seamstress and… Read more »

Are you ready for verse #3? This week, we are focusing on 1 Timothy 4:12, which encourages us: even if you are young, God made you for a purpose. In fact, it tells us that one of our purposes is to live as an example to other Christians. How do we do that? Well, we need to show the Light of God (His love) in all areas of our lives: In what we say In what we do (conduct) In how we love… Read more »

This song makes me think of Deborah and Jael. Although God was on their side, it still took courage to step forward and do what the world said was impossible or crazy! [pullquote align=”full” cite=”-Brave, Moriah Peters” link=”” color=”#99cccc” class=”” size=”16″]“I know, I know,  I’m no superwoman, but the impossible is possible, with YOU. . . .You make me BRAVE!” [/pullquote] Deborah and Jael  bravely lived their lives obedient to what God called them to do–even when the odds were completely… Read more »

We are just loving our “theme song” this year. You can download “Diamonds,” by Hawk Nelson, here on iTunes. You can also listen & practice our dance moves by watching this video. Can’t wait to see you bust your moves out this next Wednesday. Remember, VESSELS has a YouTube station. Go here to watch memory verse videos, playlists of our favorite songs and other original VESSEL videos. 

Last year, our VESSELS’ theme was “Gold.” And, we started each night of club with Britt Nicole’s fab song. This year, our theme is “Diamonds.” We’ll be singing along to Hawk Nelson’s “Diamonds” song. Give a little listen. I think you’re gonna love it.

Confession: I started listening to Christmas music at the end of October. I know, I know, some people say that it’s just not right to listen that early. But I disagree. Christmas music brings me JOY. So when I have a day when I am needing some joy, I play Christmas music. Now I have a gazillion songs on multiple playlists, but I thought I’d share some new carols I discovered this year. Click below to listen to some new… Read more »

We’ve been singing and dancing to this song at VESSELS this year. I love the beat and the lyrics.