We are just loving our “theme song” this year. You can download “Diamonds,” by Hawk Nelson, here on iTunes. You can also listen & practice our dance moves by watching this video. Can’t wait to see you bust your moves out this next Wednesday. Remember, VESSELS has a YouTube station. Go here to watch memory verse videos, playlists of our favorite songs and other original VESSEL videos. 

This week our memory verse is Jeremiah 1:5. Here’s a free printable for those of you who may be following along out in Blogland. Just right click it to “save image” or double click to open up in a new window (full size). It’s a 4″ x 6″ size, so you can easily upload it to your favorite photo place and create prints.  And to help you memorize the verse, Teacher Amy recorded a musical version to the tune of… Read more »

Okay, okay. I know our first memory verse is little long and tougher than some to memorize. BUT you are totally capable of doing it. To help you, my daughter Anne and I came up with some hand motions. Check out the video.   

I love Christmas music, but a close second goes out to Christmas movies. Hallmark Channel, thank you for producing all those heart-warming films to watch as I wrap and create Christmas goodness. Now, since we don’t have cable, I mostly check out my movies from the public library. I’ve also added some to our family DVD collection. My all-time-favorite is White Christmas. If you haven’t seen it, go–no run–to find it and watch it. I think it’s free to watch on Netflix and Amazon… Read more »

Okay, here’s one of St. Paul’s most recent Christmas videos staring children from their church. It’s called “An Unexpected Christmas” and it depicts what might have been going on in Heaven before God sent down his only son, Jesus.  

This is one of my all-time-favorite Christmas videos. I discovered it about three years ago. It’s made by St. Paul’s Church in Auckland, New Zealand. Then two years ago, I met Cath (who is now my sister-in-law), who is from New Zealand. I was telling her about this cute video that a church made in Auckland…and guess what? She said, “That’s my home church and I know some of those kids!” Isn’t that amazing?! I actually got to visit St…. Read more »