There are so many fun Valentine’s Day ideas out there, especially on Pinterest. I thought I’d share some of my favorites.   Heart Hair Heart Pony Tails Gummy Bear Cookies Scripture Valentines Corinthians 13 Printable   Heart Bacon Heart Cinnamon Rolls Valentine Nails  

Girls, can I just say, I HEART plaid. I mean I really luuuuv it. So this time of year when it pops up in holiday clothing, I want to just squeal. When it comes to Christmas fashion, plaid is where it’s at, girls. Old has all these pretty plaids (below). Too bad these are from the girls section and there is no way I can squeeze into them.  Already have a pleasant plaid shirt or pants? Check out my Pinterest board… Read more »

What does it mean “you were bought at a price?” Jesus paid for us with his life when he died on the cross—that’s how valuable we are to Him. We need to value ourselves like He does, and do what he commands us—to take care of our vessels.  What does it mean “to honor God with your bodies?” This means we need to be careful not to take for granted our lives and our bodies. We need to take good care of our vessels—so… Read more »

Autumn winds blowing your hair everywhere? There’s nothing worst than strands of hair sticking to your newly glossed lips. Check out this cute braid ideas and tutorials for new takes on the timeless braid. Four-strand braid French braid ideas Fish tail braid Wrapped braids Hippie Braids Pouf braid (great for shorter hair) These are just a few ideas to get you going. For more, check out Babes In Hairland–one of my very favorite sources for creative hair ideas with clear instructions.  

Many of you are working to memorize your four VESSELS key scriptures to earn your lovely VESSELS necklace. The verses below are #2 and #3. Check out verse #1 here. Make sure you can say all three verses tomorrow night. These cards are free printable for those of you who may be following along out in Blogland. Just right-click it to “save image” or double-click to open up in a new window (full size). It’s a 4″ x 6″ size, so you can… Read more »

There are a lot of different kinds of vessels. When you read the dictionary’s definition of “vessel,” you probably picture a vase, a bowl, a cup, a jar. But a vessel can be anything that be “used for the purpose of holding contents.” Like these rain boots. These boots were created with a specific purpose in mind. What is the purpose for this set of boots? To hold feet and to keep toes dry and warms when it rains. But… Read more »