Last Wednesday night at VESSELS Club, we started to learn about Esther. She was a beautiful orphan who was crowned queen of Persia. And, she had a secret: she was a Jew. In the same time in Persia, an evil man named Haman was plotting to murder the entire Jewish population. The brave Esther stepped forward to save her people, but it wasn’t an easy decision. As in most situations of politics, there were a number of dangerous elements that complicated Esther’s desire to save her people. At one point she talks to her Uncle Mordecai and he says something very profound. 




That in itself makes a girl stop to think. But Mordecai said something else,

For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father’s family will perish.” 

This is something that we need to remember. God never forces us to love him, to obey him, to be a part of his magnificent story. We have a choice. Like Esther, we are unique vessels that God created with a special purpose. We can choose to be filled with Him, relying on his strength and protection to step forward do hard things. Or, we can choose to sit back and watch the story play out without our participation. To be sure, God’s plan will always be successful. But we get to choose if we play an awesome heroine role in it. 

If Esther had remained silent, God would have saved his people in another way. And, there probably wouldn’t be a book in the Bible called Esther. She would never be an example to millions of women in the future who looked to her story for encouragement, wisdom and hope. 

God also created you for “such a time as this.” There is a reason you are living in 2015, in the school you are in, in the family you are in, in the town you are in. Will you say “yes” to being a part of God’s bigger plan? How can you allow God to “fill you” right where you are at right now? 

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