Can you cook? Maybe you know how to make toast and cereal but that’s as far as it goes… Here’s your chance to become capable in kitchen.


SESSON 1: June 15-18 (2-5 pm)

SESSON 2: July 20-23 (9-Noon)  

Location: Janna Widdifield’s home in Arvada, Colo.

MEASURED is a class for girls who want to learn how to cook. This beginning class will cover kitchen basics–from boiling and baking to measuring and mixing. Students will walk away capable in kitchen and able to prepare balanced breakfast, lunch and dinner menus.

COST: $150 per girl, ages 9-18 years

WHAT YOU GET FOR $150? Your will receive a binder with all recipes, class notes, resources, as wells as, new recipes to try at home. You will also get an apron and a special gift from Teacher Janna to aid in your future cooking. This fee also covers the cost of all ingredients and supplies. On some days, students will be asked to bring their kitchen utensils: wooden spoon, loaf pan, sharp knife, etc.

WHAT WILL YOU LEARN? This class will cover A LOT of ground. Here’s just a sampling: kitchen tools, measuring, mixing, chopping skills, baking (cookies, cakes and bread), eggs 101, best-ever-pie crust, balanced meal planning, pasta & pizza, marinating meat, savory salads and more.

TO REGISTER: Go to Space is limited.

11 thoughts on “MEASURED: a cooking class for beginners

  1. Mary Camire


    I am having trouble with the link. The link doesn’t seem to be connected and when I search for the website on Google, I don’t think I am getting to the correct location. I thought it was because I was using my phone, but it doesn’t work on my PC, either. Please advise.


  2. Rosi

    This sounds fun! I registered on the joysong website but it was unclear and no where to put my daughter’s name. Hanna Rogers signed up… would you please confirm that the payment was successful? Thanks!


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