Here are some fun recipes for a “Garden Party” menu. Some are very simple. Remember, pretty presentation can make a simple recipe seem very special.  Veggie Cups This a super easy way to serve veggies. The individual cups make it easy for guests to grab. We usually like ranch dressing at the bottom, but you could use a squeeze of any dressing flavor. Use veggies with a lot of color for a beautiful presentation.  Tomato Toadstools These are also a… Read more »

This is a great recipe to use up those brown mushy bananas that you stuffed in the freezer five months ago. Each recipe takes 4 bananas. I usually save up enough bananas to make a double batch. Then, I individually wrap half the muffins and put the in the freezer for later. They are easy to pop out and warm up for an after-school snack. If you are making for Vessels, DO NOT ADD NUTS!    

Do you know the legend of the robin’s red breast? It has to do with Easter. Get your hands on this wonderful book. We read it around Easter time when we make our chocolate nests–a fun craft and recipe. The book tells the legend of why the robin’s breast is red… I love this part… “I know this man, thought the robin. All earth’s creatures, except humans, recognized Jesus–the Creator-God come to earth.” “The thorn gave way. And as it came out… Read more »

These are my very favorite sugar cookies. The almond extract makes them extra delicious. You can roll them out on a cookie sheet to make cookie bars, or you can use cookie cutters to make festive shapes.  We like them with colored sugar sprinkled on top or with frosting. Either way, they are going to fly off the plate. Go here to find out how to make your own colored sugar (much cheaper than buying it at the store.)  … Read more »

My kids love making these HE HAS RISEN! Easter rolls each year. They not only teach about Jesus’ resurrection, but they actually taste good. A perfect breakfast activity to do the morning of Easter. Ingredients: 1/2 stick of butter (melted) 1 can of large refrigerated rolls (I prefer Pillsbury Grands) Large marshmallows (8 of them, do NOT use stale marshmallows) A bowl of cinnamon and sugar mix Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Step 1: Take the white marshmallow. Jesus was pure and sinless like… Read more »