So VESSELS isn’t just a blog, it’s a real-life club, too!  Our first meeting is Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 10. We meet Wednesday nights from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at  Faith Bible Chapel in Arvada, Colo. Girls in 3rd to 6th grade are welcome to attend this free class. No need to pre-register, just show up.


The purpose of the club are the same as the blog– to help girls find their identity, self-worth and purpose according to God, through these four principles:

1. God loves you.

2. God made you a unique vessel.

3. God has a purpose for you.

4. God will fill you to live out that purpose.

Each week, we will learn about women of the Bible—looking to them as examples of how God can do amazing things in us and through us when we allow Him (instead of the world) to fill “our vessel” (our life). 

We will do crafts every week–sewing, tie-dying, hot-gluing. There will be awesome snacks (recipes will be posted on the blog) and music. And, another very cool thing: when you memorize and can recite our four key scriptures, you will receive a sterling silver necklace with a pewter “VESSELS” charm. I’ll do a post on this soon!

Every week, you can earn points for bringing your Bible, VESSELS binder, reciting memory verses, etc. Then twice a year, we will hold a boutique, where you can spend your points like cash. I’ve been shopping to stock the shop and–believe me–you won’t be disappointed. There are purses, frames, room decor, jewelry and more. 

So leave a comment and tell me if you can come and what you are most excited about. Can’t wait to meet you all.

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