Did you have a fabulous Christmas break? I know I did. But it’s time to get back together, learn about some awesome Biblical women and do some crafting! 

Tomorrow night, we will be studying a woman named Rahab. Remember how purple was Lydia’s “signature color?” Well, RED is Rahab’s color. If you wear the color red tomorrow night, you’ll earn 3 points. 

A few quick reminders:

  • Please bring a water bottle each week.
  • Please use the restroom BEFORE you check in (so class doesn’t get interrupted).
  • This week you can begin earning points for our next SHOP IT UP at our May party.
  • Take note: There’s a new way to earn a big chunk of points this semester. Sign up to bring snack for our class. A new snack list will be available later this week, so talk to your mom about signing up for one week.

PointsRewardsSee you tomorrow night, girls!

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