So I kind of feel like it’s Christmas Eve . . . tomorrow night the first meeting of  VESSELS-the club! I’ve been preparing for weeks to make tomorrow night extra special for you girls, so I hope you can make it. After tomorrow night, I’ll show you some highlights of all the “lovely things” I’ve been preparing on the blog. But to wet your appetite, I wanted to share this special tidbit. 

Since the idea of VESSELS began, I wanted to be intentional about making it something that girls would feel is special and lovely. To that end, I have designed  this special necklace.


When a girl has memorized and can recite our VESSELS four key verses (at the same time), they will receive this gift. Each year, the necklace will evolve, with gold, pearl and diamond charms added (one for each year of the club). 

So if you are in the Denver area and you love you some free jewelry (well almost free, you do have to memorize some verses), I’ll see you tomorrow night!

9 thoughts on “Are you coming to VESSELS?

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  2. Olivia W.

    I think everyone should learn these verses because they are so meaningful and it’s nice to know about God and what He says and how He sent His Son!


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