Your body is a temple 1 Cor.

What does it mean “you were bought at a price?”

Jesus paid for us with his life when he died on the cross—that’s how valuable we are to Him. We need to value ourselves like He does, and do what he commands us—to take care of our vessels. 

What does it mean “to honor God with your bodies?”

This means we need to be careful not to take for granted our lives and our bodies. We need to take good care of our vessels—so they’ll be in good shape so we can serve Him and others. (Remember, God has a purpose for you in this world.)

Another way to honor God is to stop comparing our bodies to everyone else. God made us each a unique vessel (2 Timothy 2:19-20), a special design like no one else. 

So how do you go about “honoring God with your body?” Here are the tips that Ms. Leslie shared with us last Wednesday night.

1. FUEL your vessel.

  • IMG_3119What happens if you let a car run out of gas? It won’t run. Neither will your bodies if you don’t fill it with good fuel/food. 
  • Eat three meals with healthy snacks in between—little “mini meals,” to give you steady energy throughout your day.
  • Eat a “rainbow” of foods.  Eat colorful fruits and veggies (the “rainbow”) to keep healthy and to supply your body with nutrients and vitamins. Don’t forget whole grains, dairy, protein, and good fats and only little bits of sugar and oils. 
  • Empty calories vs. healthy calories. Calories are the measurement of how much energy a food gives you. Junk foods are HIGH in calories, but LOW in good nutrients. You want to eat foods “that give you the best bang for your buck”—foods that give your bodies lots of energy AND good nutrients.  

IMG_30892. WATER your vessel.

  • Water flushes out your system, kind of the way a toilet works! It gets rid of toxins in your body and hydrates you. Have you ever seen a wilted, dry plant revive after being watered? It’s amazing! It perks right up within 20 minutes and looks like new again. Drinking lots of water helps you perk up, too. It helps your skin, hair, and nails look healthy and beautiful.
  • Make sure you always bring your water bottle to school and sip on it all day, so you don’t get dehydrated like that sad, droopy plant.
  • During physical activity, drinking water will keep you hydrated and will help you play and feel better.

3. MOVE your vessel.

  • Keep your vessel in good shape by moving DAILY—for a healthy heart, for more energy, to build strong muscles and to sleep better at night. All this adds up to more FUN, because you have more fun when you feel good!
  • Here are some great ways to get moving. Take dance, gymnastics, cheer or martial arts. Play a sport like soccer, basketball, softball, volleyball or cross-country.
  • Get outside to play! Jump on the trampoline, play catch or tag with a sibling or friend,  jump rope, ride bikes and scooters, roller skate, sledding in the winter, snowball fights, walk the dog, hiking, tree-climbing, swimming.

 4. REST your vessel.

  • Get enough sleep to give you energy for your busy days.
  • Sleep is like recharging. Your vessel recharges overnight, like a Kindle or iPad. If you don’t get enough sleep, what’s going to happen? You’re going to feel tired, sluggish, lifeless—like a Kindle on half-battery power.
  • Make sure to make up sleep after a busy weekend or a sleepover or after being sick. Go to bed early after you’ve lost sleep.
  • Take a power nap. If you’re tired during the day, there’s no shame in laying on the couch or going up to your bed for a bit. You’ll be surprised how closing your eyes for 15 minutes can change everything! 

 5. CLEAN your vessel. 

  • Put your best foot forward. This is an old saying that encourages you to take care of your appearance, because when you try to look your best, you tend to feel your best!  Who should we always be giving our very best? GOD!—Now, we know the Bible says this is not ALL that matters: “Man looks at the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart.” 1 Samuel 16:7 But you give God glory when you take care of your vessels on the outside, and you feel better, too—fresh and confident!
  • Remember to do these things daily.
    • Shower.
    • Wash your face.
    • Brush your teeth. 
    • Brush and do your hair.
    • Put lotion on to moisturize your skin (especially in Colorado’s dry climate).
    • Wear clean clothes.
  • Things you should do regularly.
    • Keep your nails clean and trimmed
    • Get haircuts so your hair grows healthily.
    • Wear sunscreen to protect your skin.

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