I think last night’s VESSELS club was the most fun yet! And, we had 54 girls come! Our guest teacher Leslie taught us all about what to put in our vessel (our body) and how to keep our vessel fit. Then, the fabulous Ms. Ashley taught us some Zumba steps to the song “Gold,” by Britt Nicole.

I’ll share more thoughts on how to keep our vessel healthy in the next post. But for now, here’s a little video of our dance party from last night.

You can download the song here and here.

22 thoughts on “Dancing to Gold

  1. Anne W.

    Last night was really cool because we got the dancing on the lines on the floor. I that at the end you show us how we can practice for the week.


  2. Haylee H

    I had two new friends there when we danced to Gold. We had a blast and I hope they come back again! Thanks for everything and thanks for the smoothies!!!!


  3. sara

    i think zomba was asome i like it so much i want to do it agein its fun is inite cane we do it agein someday but eneiway i like vesols its fun there i made alote of frainds there maby next yeer ill come becaes is fun and i like lerning about jesus more and i like lerning about all the girls and boys in the bibel


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