Brandon Heath’s song “Give Me Your Eyes,” reminds us that we need to look beyond our own situations so that we have God’s “love for humanity,” “arms for the brokenhearted,” and a “heart for the ones forgotten.” 

Dorcas had the “eyes of God” when she looked at the widows on the banks of Joppa. But she didn’t stop at just “seeing.” She showed God’s love to the widows through action. She used not only her wealth, but her skill as seamstress and her time to reach the brokenhearted who were forgotten.

[pullquote align=”full-width” cite=”1 John 3:1” link=”” color=”#e27982″ class=”” size=”14″]“Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.” [/pullquote]

This week, ask God to give you “His eyes” to see people that may be forgotten or in need. Then, like Dorcas, put God’s love into action by encouraging or helping them. 

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