Many you may already know the story of Eve as told in Genesis. But I encourage you to reread this story before we begin to look at Eve as God’s vessel. So take a minute and read through Genesis 2:15 to 3:24. Then, meet me back here. No, seriously. Go and read it before you move on to the next paragraph.


So there you have it. The first woman in all of creation. Now let’s look at Eve as God’s vessel.

What was her purpose?

1. Eve’s first purpose was to be a helper for Adam. God saw that Adam wasn’t complete without Eve. They were made for each other and from each other. 

2. Eve was to be the mother of all creation. Her name actually means “life.” She would be the first mother to have children, who would have children, who would have children…and fill the earth. Remember in the Narnia movie when the creatures call Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy “sons of Adam and daughters of Eve?” That’s because, in a way, we are all daughters of Eve.

How was she unique?

She was the first-ever woman, wife and mother. That’s pretty unique. There will never be a first like that.

Did she allow God to fill her? 

This one has two answers: No and then yes. Let’s start with the no.

NO: Eve was tempted by the snake’s lie: “God is holding out on you. He doesn’t want you to eat this because then you would be like him.” Instead of being thankful for the amazing blessing of the garden (where all her needs were met), her heart was filled with envy and personal ambition (to be like God)

Now, 1 Corinthians 10:13 tells us that “God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear . . . he will always provide a way out so you can endure it.” This means that Eve CHOSE to eat the apple. 

Then what did she do? She blamed the snake, ” He made me eat it.” Have you ever done that when you are in trouble? Have you tried to make an excuse or blame someone else, “It was his idea!” We are all sinful, just like Eve and we all want to cover up our guilt. 

But ultimately, we all choose what we do. Eve chose to disobey. She chose to be filled with doubt that God was holding out on her. She decided to take matters into her own hands and eat that apple. 

Sin entered the world. Now this made God very sad. He knew that because of the sin, He must be separated from Adam and Eve. They had to leave the Garden of Eden: where they could be in the presence of God, where they didn’t have to think about what they were going to eat–everything was provided for them. A paradise.

Even though God loves us and forgives us, there is still consequences for sin. For Adam and Eve that meant that they could not be with God. They would have to work hard and “toil” to try and produce food to eat, and Eve would have great pain when she gave birth to children. And these are consequences that all humans now experience (including the separation from God). 

Now, let’s look at the YES part of this question.

In Genesis 4:1, Eve says, “With the help of the Lord I have brought forth a man.”  She recognized that God gave her a child and through that child and her other children, the world was born. Even though she sinned and was cast out of the garden, she was still able to be filled by God and his plan. She carried out her unique purpose to be the mother of all creation.

How was she poured out for God’s purpose?

So we know that Eve allowed herself to be poured out for the purpose of having children. But here’s another really great thing that God was able to do through Eve. He made a way for us to be forgiven of our sin and guilt so that we don’t have to be separated from Him forever. That’s right, JESUS.

Eve’s son, Seth, would be the great-great-great-great-great ancestor of Jesus Christ. How cool?! Even though Eve’s sin caused us to be separated from God, He allowed her to be part for the solution to bring Jesus into the world to restore us back in the proper place with God. 

God was able to use Eve to part of his huge, long-term, super-fabulous plan. And he wants to use you in the same way. God made you with a unique purpose too, and you fit into His big-picture plan, just like Eve.

14 thoughts on “Eve: the first-ever woman

  1. sara

    i would in,t eat that apple from the devil because he is mean and not respectful to people and he is stopped and not helpful I would eat the fruit that god had gave me the healthy fruit i love gods fruit i love god to and i hate the devil i don,t like hem at all i love my freinds to and my faimly and the god and gesus i love every body in the world and i like anemles. by sara to Janna.


  2. Kylan McCoy

    I think that is awesome that Eve was the first women on earth and she could speak to God.I think that was a cool bracelet that we made and that they mean something .


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