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Ok, so most of you have probably heard the song, “Gold,” by Britt Nicole. But whether it’s familiar to you or not, listen to it again today. It’s got a great beat (it’s perfect for a workout or dance mix)) and it’s an incredible, that God treasures you.

I always think it’s interesting to find out the “behind-the-scenes” story behind music and movies. Britt Nicole explains why she wrote “Gold” in this video.

“Gold” is our theme this year for our VESSELS real-life club, which starts Sept. 10. There will be a glittering gold photo booth and more sparkling fun throughout the year as we learn how valuable we truly are. See here for more details. 

16 thoughts on “God treasures you

  1. Avery

    I really love that song. I danced to it in my last dance recital. That song makes me feel good to know that I am worth so much more than gold. I’m a princess in God’s eyes.


  2. Lillian

    I really loved that song. That is a really good choice. I showed the song to my Mom and she was touched. Then I showed her the part when Britt said the things that inspired her and my mom was in tears. I was very touched and I really really really really loved the song. Now every day I get home from school I am going to make it a goal to listen to it every day not only to learn the words but to have the joy in my life that I am loved and that I am God’s little princess.That song made me fell comfortable even though I am relaxing on my bed right now. But There are more things to check out so I am going to end this comment. Bye 🙂


  3. Tiffani Moore

    This song is so much fun. I sing it a lot.I can’t wait til wed nite this week. I want to earn my necklace like Maryes and the other teachers.


  4. Olivia W.

    Sometimes others think I’m not just right, but God thinks I’m amazing and outstanding. No matter what others think! You are GOLD!


  5. aedan mooney

    This song makes me feel loved,special and important. It does not matter what other people might think of you. It only matters what you think. Others might think your bad or mean but, your not bad or mean at all. You are loved and cared for always. YOU ARE GOLD!!!!!!!!!


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