Hope to see all you VESSELS girls at the GOLD GARDEN PARTY! It will be our last night until September. Boo for that, but yahoo for summer! Here’s a sneak peek of some party stuff:




MEET:  Wednesday, May 20, 6:15-8 pm 
WHERE: David’s Court (on the west side of campus, located in the handicap parking lot on the south side of the building). We will not be in our normal classroom.
WEAR: Wear a fun and/or fancy spring/summer dress. Also, be sure to wear your VESSEL necklace.
POINTS:  No more points will be calculated so don’t bring your notebook, etc.

NECKLACES: This will be your last chance to get your VESSELS necklace and gold charm. Even though we aren’t calculating points, you can say your verses to earn your necklace.

SHOP IT UP: We have calculated all your points. Highest point earners will get to shop first.


We still need some items for the garden party menu! If you can help please email me ASAP! Girls will get 15 extra points to shop with if you bring an item.

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