Last year, our VESSELS’ theme was “Gold.” And, we started each night of club with Britt Nicole’s fab song. This year, our theme is “Diamonds.” We’ll be singing along to Hawk Nelson’s “Diamonds” song. Give a little listen. I think you’re gonna love it.

12 thoughts on “Listen to our theme song for 2016

  1. Emily

    Love it! Hawk Nelson is actually one of my favorite bands. I hoped that this would be the song we played! I love the rest of their songs too!!


  2. Zoe Jones

    I love this song, it is so……….. AWESOME! Even though we anrn’t as shiny as a diamond, god thinks we are more beautiful than a diamond and thats what i like.


  3. addi rush

    thats a great song and really shows the power of God and how he can turn a mess like us into beautiful sparkling diamonds to reflect the bright beautiful light of jesus Christ our heavenly father and lord.


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