Let’s celebrate Back-to-School with a movie night.

Friday, August 26th at 7:30 pm at Teacher Janna’s house. Bring a sleeping bag or camp chair & a sweatshirt or blanket. It’s a great night to invite a friend.

We will have popcorn & Dr. Pepper floats. (Bring an alternative snack if you have allergies.) We will watch the Nancy Drew Movie -2005 (PG). Pick up is at 9:30 pm. Call for questions 303.880.6568.

Leave a comment and I will email you direction to my house. 

10 thoughts on “Outdoor Movie Night

  1. Kristy

    My 3rd grade daughter and I would like to come. We just to moved to CO and we are looking to plug in to a girl’s group.
    Thanks for the invite (got it through the Leyden Ranch post).


    1. Emmy

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