Most people have some scrapbook paper in their crafting stash…Use some of it to make this darling Easter decoration for your room. You can even make some for gifts. 

Scrapbook paper crosses


  • a wooden cross
  • piece of scrapbook paper
  • Mod Podge or plain white glue
  • sandpaper or nail file
  • hot glue gun
  • misc. ribbons and trip (optional)
  • nail (optional)
  • letter stamps (optional)


1. Trace the shape of the cross using a pencil.

Scrapbook paper crosses

2. Cut around the lines you have just drawn. Important! Do not cut ON the line. You want a little extra all the way around the cross outline.



3. Brush a very thin and every layer of Mod Podge onto the cross. Make sure to cover the entire surface.


4. Smooth on the paper cross.


5. Let it dry completely and then fold/crease the extra paper over the edges of the cross.

6. Take a piece of sand paper or a nail file and sand off the extra paper.


This will leave a perfectly flush edge on the cross. If a little bit tears off…no worries. Make it look intentional and rustic. Also you may need to touch up some of the edges with a bit of Mod Podge if the paper comes a little loose.


7. Now embellish your cross. Enter glue gun (as for adults help). We used some vintage lace and ribbon from my stash. And a rusty old nail. And then I stamped Anne’s name on it. A reminder that Jesus died for her.

Scrapbook paper cross



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