Reusable Fabric Gift Bags

A few years ago, I decided to make some fabric gift bags to use for our family gift-giving. This is a very simple project, which is perfect for beginner sewers. In fact, it look just about as much time to SEW the gift bag as it would to wrap up a box in wrapping paper. 

I used some old Christmas PJ pants (just cut off the legs and then seamed the bottom) and some Christmas-print fabric that I’d been waiting to use on something special. Then, I just tied off the top with a beautiful satin or wired-edge ribbon.

After the unwrapping is done on Christmas morning, I  just roll up the ribbon, put in the bag, fold up the bag and pack them away for next year. 



  • Christmas-print yardage
  • Holiday PJ castoffs
  • Sewing machine and white thread
  • Ribbon for tying off the top

IMG_4835 (2)

What to do:

  • Cut two pieces and put right sides (printed sides) together. Sew on the three sides. Think: pillowcase.

IMG_4837 (2)

  • Trim the bottom two corners. This will create pointed corners when you turn it right-side out.


  • Turn it right-side out. You can finish the top edge by hemming it or just leave it raw. It looks cute either way.

IMG_4840 (2)

  • Drop in your gift and tie the bow.


  • Give it to someone you love.


11 thoughts on “Simple fabric gift bags

  1. Zoe Jones

    I can’t wait for the party! I might NOT where a dress because they don’t really fit me but i will where something very pretty! I love the bag ideas, the first day i went to vessels was when we made the VESSELS bags!


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