There are a lot of different kinds of vessels. When you read the dictionary’s definition of “vessel,” you probably picture a vase, a bowl, a cup, a jar. But a vessel can be anything that be “used for the purpose of holding contents.”

Like these rain boots. These boots were created with a specific purpose in mind.


What is the purpose for this set of boots? To hold feet and to keep toes dry and warms when it rains.

boots2But what would happen if the boots were never filled with feet? What if they just sat there in the back of the closet? Not only would they be empty, but they wouldn’t be doing what they were made for.  

The key here is not just that the boots need to be filled, but that they need to be filled with the right contents. If you stuck your rain boots out in the rain, they would just fill up with water. They wouldn’t be keeping anything dry or warm–their ultimate purpose. 

boots3We are like rain boots. God has created us all with a unique purpose. If we let God fill us up (like feet fill the boots), then we can live out the purpose and plan that God created uniquely for us. But if choose to fill our vessels/lives/boots up with the wrong stuff, we won’t be able live out what God has intended for us. 

It’s only when we live out God’s plans for us that we become most beautiful versions of ourselves.

9 thoughts on “What exactly IS a vessel?

  1. Jaden Jones

    The rain boots are a very good example of a vessel because we’re the rain boots and God is the water that is filling us up.


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