Corinthians 4:7


VESSELS is a blog created for ladies from 9 to 92, to explore what it means to be a women of God. 2 Corinthians 4:7 tells us that we are God’s “vessels”–empty containers that can be filled. Our vessel is our life. We can fill it with things of this world–money, fame, friends, popularity, material things. Or, we can fill it with the things of God–treasure! When we are filled with God’s treasure (things of true value and significance), then we can become the most beautiful versions of ourselves.   

The purpose of VESSELS is to help girls find their identity, self-worth and purpose according to God. NOT by their number of Facebook friends, their excellence in academics or the approval of peers or even Bible study leaders. Becoming a godly girl isn’t about obeying all the rules and being the “good girl.” It’s accepting God’s love and His grace so that we can be filled by him—and made whole. Only then, can we radiate true beauty and pour out lives of significance and purpose.  

Growing up I thought the ladies in the Bible had it “easier than we do. Wrong! They lived in a fallen, sinful world, just like we do today. They struggled just as much—to choose God in hard circumstances, to reach above society’s expectations, to be a good friend and mother, to feel beautiful, loved and signifcant. Through the stories of Deborah, Martha, Zipporah, Ruth and others, girls will learn how they can be poured out for great and powerful purposes when they allow God (instead of the world) to fill them up.

I want all girls to know these four principles. 

  1. God loves you.
  2. God made you a unique vessel.
  3. God has a purpose for you.
  4. God will fill you to live out that purpose.

Through this blog, you’ll find lots of fun stuff: crafts, hairstyles, fashion, printables, music, books, inspirational scriptures and devotionals, giveaways and more. But my prayer that in all the fun, you’ll find God. Without him, our vessels (our lives) are empty or worse—they are filled by the yuck of sin and the strivings of our own self worth and selfish ambitions.