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VESSELS is a club for tween girls that believes every girl is a unique vessel, with a unique purpose. Club meetings are full of crafts, music, homemade snacks, singing, dancing, earning jewelry and more. But in all the fun & fancy, glitter & glue, girls find God. While examining the lives of biblical women (and how God used their vessel-life for His purpose),  girls learn how to identify their own God-given value, uniqueness and purpose. 

we are God's vessels

Our lives are containers that can be filled. We can fill it with things of this world OR we can fill it with the things of God. When we are filled with God’s truth (His great plan and purpose for our life), we become the most beautiful versions of ourselves.
We want all girls to know these four principles.

1. God loves you.
2. God made you a unique vessel.
3. God has a purpose for you.
4. God will fill you to live out that purpose.

What happens at VESSELS?
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a place to belong

VESSELS has a club feel, without being exclusive or the pressure of mandatory attendance. Each week’s lesson and craft can “stand alone” and girls can step into the program any time of the year, making it easy to invite friends and to feel like they belong as soon as they walk in.